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Site Update

Click for large photo We are an organization of Americans and Chinese who serve students, scholars and their families from China at the University of Minnesota.  We are not a church but a Christian group that works with local churches in sharing Christian love.  We welcome everyone from China to participate whether they have religious beliefs or not.
     Upcoming Activities:

10/10 Sa 6:00pm - Friendship Dinner
10/17 Sa 9:30am - Fall Hike; Meet 9:30AM @ HOPE Church
11/14 Sa 6:00pm - Thanksgiving Dinner
11/28 Sa 6:00pm - Feed My Starving Children
12/5 Sa 6:00pm - Christmas Party!
1/9 Sa 6:00pm - Friendship Dinner
1/15 F 3:00pm - Winter Retreat @ Timber Bay Camp
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Featured This Month:

Glenn Kenadjian is stepping down as Team Leader on May 1, 2015. He will move to Orlando where he will marry Teresa Ng and work with COM there. Tom Lindstrom is taking over as Interim Team Leader. Also, we welcome David Zhang as a new Campus Staff member! For more details, see here.

See the bilingual PowerPoint for Glenn Kenadjian's final Friendship Dinner speech on, "What Is Life's Purpose?" here, and his article on the same topic here. Here are other talks he has given at Friendship Dinners in the past: See his bilingual PowerPoint for "The Overall Story of The Bible" here and the English only version here. See his bilingual PowerPoint "Do We Need God?" here and a PDF version of his talk outline in English here. In, "Handling Difficulties in Life" he shared about handling the difficulties of his wife's illnesses and then her death on March 20, 2011. Hear the audio of this speech here and see his PowerPoint here. (You can see a memorial page with information and pictures of Bridget Kenadjian here) You can also read and download his, "Short Guide to the Bible" here.

Dr. John K. Lee, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry at the U of MN, spoke at one of our Friendship Dinners on "A Scientist Asks--Why Believe in God?." You can see his PowerPoint with notes here.

Dr. Art Hill, professor and associate dean of the Carlson School of Management at the U of MN, spoke at one of our Friendship Dinners on "Personal Operations Management." He gave practical advice on managing your time more effectively. See a PDF of his handout here.

Dr. Chris Macosko, Professor of Chemical Engineering at the U of MN, spoke at one of our Friendship Dinners on how research into the origin of life points to design and the existence of God. See his PowerPoint here.

Dr. David Clark, a Philosophy and Theology Professor and Provost of Bethel University, spoke to us March 12, 2011 on "Who Is the Creator?" and ended with a question and answer session. To hear this interesting talk, click here.

Roger Frisch, first violinist and associate concert master with the Minnesota Orchestra played for us and spoke to us about his life and faith on Jan. 8, 2011. For an MP3 of his music and speech, go here and for a video of him playing the violin while having brain surgery, shown on ABC national news, go here.

To see a List of Speeches and Articles by past Friendship Dinner speakers, with links, go here.

To read "Song of a Wanderer" online (one of the best explanations of Christianity in Chinese), go here. To see online "Unlocking the Mystery of Life", a 67 minute long video that presents scientific evidences of intelligent design in biological life, see here or here (shows in parts--quicker loading).

See PowerPoints for Tom Lindstrom's Car Buying Seminar here, Bridget Kenadjian's Resume Writing Seminar here, and her Interviewing Skills Seminar here.

Lastly, for many PHOTOS from activities, go here and click "recent albums" and "recent uploads".

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