We are an organization of Americans and Chinese who serve students, scholars and their families from China at the University of Minnesota.  We are not a church but a Christian group that works with local churches in sharing Christian love.  We welcome everyone from China to participate whether they have religious beliefs or not.


Student Leaders


COM Staff/leaders


COM Campus Team Leader

December 08, 2016

Tom & Kathy Lindstrom have been involved with China Outreach Ministries since their marriage in 1996.  Kathy lived in Shanghai and Tianjin before their marriage and speaks Mandarin.  Tom is campus team leader - he inherited the role when Glenn Kenadjian who started COM at the UMN moved to Florida in 2015.  They have 3 boys; Stewart, Kenny, and Martin.  This picture was taken just before Christmas 2016 on the Continental Divide Trail in Savannah Portage State Park, west of Duluth.  

COM Affiliate Staff

December 08, 2016

Bob & Joanne Kraftson took an early retirement to join COM several years ago.  They read extensively and think deeply about a range of issues.  Their backgrounds in education and IT, as well as their thirst for learning has served them well as they seek to help Chinese scholars and students with their questions about God, the Bible, and life in MN.  They have 3 children and several grandchildren.  They LOVE Minnesota outdoors in all seasons.  

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China Outreach Ministries


December 08, 2016

China Outreach Ministries is a national organization with over 80 staff on 50+ campuses around the USA and Canada!   (picture above is of our whole national staff from around the country)  Your friends on other campuses around the USA are welcome at local COM chapters there.  Just email us for contact info.

Locally, COM is also a registered student group at the University of Minnesota.   We have been active helping Chinese students at the UMN since 1994.

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